Thursday Matters
Everyday His Thoughts

Well what in the world are you up to God. I. Can’t. Even. We can’t know the mind of God.  Isaiah 55:8 says; “His thoughts are nothing like our thoughts.”  But we can know the heart of God. We can TRUST and hope in His promises.  I know it should be obvious to us that His ways are past finding out. He wouldn't be a very big God if we could fully comprehend Him with our finite minds. Walter Wangerin wrote, "We chirp theories because we can't stand the silence."  I guess that’s how it is when we try to fully understand the purposes of suffering.  It’s better to admit, "We don't understand, but we believe that God loves us and, that 'our Redeemer Lives'."

Someone has suggested that in the margins beside many of our life's experiences is simply written: "to be explained later."  Success for each day is not waiting for an answer to our whys but walking in the hope that He is making a way and there’s a purpose for it all…everyday.

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