Meet Debbie


Ten Random Things (+ 1) about the life and times of Debbie Griffith

1. I was in the Mrs. Minnesota Pageant in 2004. My husband said my swimsuit could also be used as a floatation device as the chest area had so much foam padding. I did walk away with the Mrs. Congeniality award!

2. Things that my mouth thinks are yummy are the salty snacks, namely Lays Plain Potato Chips, which I’ve been known to eat in the early a.m. by the light of the refrigerator door accompanied by a tall glass of skim milk.

3. My husband Dan and I knew each other for 2 months before he proposed and 4 months later we were married in 1991. He has always called me, “Pretty Debbie.” Leaving a note in my sock drawer once he addressed me as “Dear VP” (Dear Very Pretty). When I thanked him I said, “It’s so neat because that stands for ‘Very Important’ too.” Yeah, so now Dan tells me I’m very “portant” and pretty.

4. I grew up like “Little House on the Prairie” with my mom cooking on a wood cook stove for 8 years and no hot running water for three of those years. This also meant no TV or sugar cereal. But I did always have pure maple syrup on pancakes, waffles and French toast as my parents, brother and I tapped and produced pure maple syrup for 15 years. This place I call home is now called, Maplelag ( – a cross country ski resort and is run by my brother, his wife and their four sons.

5. I LOVE HAVING FOUR BOYS-I LOVE THEM! I think there are enough hormones and hair products with me as the only female in our home. Besides I get my girls at the age I most desire-granddaughters and daughter-in-laws. Each morning before school I pray with my hand of blessing and protection on the top of each boy’s head individually. At the same time I pray for their future wives.

6. Can girls ever have enough outfits (or, as I refer to them, costumes)? I love to self-decorate! My favorite places to shop and accessorize are J. Covet (J. Crew) and Anthropologie.

7. I had scoliosis back surgery in 2003 and even with a whole bunch of screws and rods in my back I can pass through the metal detector at the airport without having it “go off.”

8. I’ve been in over 40 theatrical productions. I LOVE THE THEATRE! My favorite roles were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Helen Keller in the Miracle Worker and Liesl in The Sound of Music.

9. I’ve made it a habit to not go on the Internet until I’ve read the Bible! God has changed my life because I’ve allowed Him to change me by the POWER of His Word! Nobody knows me like God. But yet He takes me, the Debbie girl, with all my pride and selfishness and uses me to encourage others! I mean I’m the least likely to follow something like Ephesians 5:20; “Give thanks FOR all things” (like the trials) and then there’s Luke 6:28; “Bless those who curse you” which I thought were the “crazy verses! But I tried them, applied them and received His perfect PEACE like a nice warm, comforting bath.

10. I used to drink a Diet Coke for breakfast every morning until God had a talk with me about Diet Coke not being a healthy drink beverage so now it’s an occasional “treat.” I drink hot tea. I am not a coffee fan but I do love coffee drinking people, as well as the Diet Coke drinkers. And God loves them all too no matter what!

+) I lived in Sweden for a year during my junior year in college taking theatre classes at a folk-high-school. “Jag talar lite Svenska.”


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