This Week Matters

December 10 – 14, 2018


* The Everyday Matters Feature is produced by Heartland Christian Broadcasters Incorporated (HCBI), International Falls, Minnesota

Q: So how did the Radio Ministry of Everyday Matters begin? The Israelites gathered manna as they journeyed toward the Promised Land. God gave them what they needed each day and if they stored more than they needed, it was stinky and maggot infested the next day. So the brilliant point is this: We can’t store all of God’s Word for us on Sunday mornings at church or at a really good Beth Moore Bible study on Thursday nights. We need to feed on the truth of His promises EVERYDAY or our “next days” will be stinky.

This made so much sense to me and I got excited about going to the Bible thinking “I get to” not “I have to.” I started reading it everyday consistently in 1996 and I’m here reporting it has changed my life.

Q: Okay, so you’re in the Bible everyday but how did the ministry of Everyday Matters begin? In 2004, I attended this amazing Ladies Retreat and at one of the small group sessions Pastor’s wife Hope shared how she was writing words of encouragement in a little 3×5 notebook for her husband and at the end of the week she’d set the notebook on his desk and he’d read it. This made an impact on me. I thought, “Good idea, I’ll do the same,” so I began writing for husband Dan.

Dan loved this but things soon changed because in less than two weeks God really began speaking to my heart and giving me words of encouragement too. I still shared the book with Dan at the end of the week but the real beginning of “manna gathering” was God feeding and showing me how His promises could be applied to my everyday life. The outside cover of my 3×5 spiral notebook said, “Memo book.” but of course I began calling it my “Manna book.” Bible food is something I know I can’t live without. A couple of missed days and I’m a stinkin’ mess.

Q: How did you get on the radio? During the year of 2004-2005 I recorded a CD reading 7 different stories I had written such as “Is My Life in the Toilet?” and other gems. The CD was called “Stories from the Icebox” and I thought I’d become the next Garrison Keillor, just a female one. I finished the CD in the winter of 2005 and July 4 of that same year, in Smokey Bear Park, the station manager of PsalmFM, (the Christian radio in our town of 8000) approached me and told me to contact him if I ever had an idea for a radio program. I shrugged it off. I had different plans. I was on my way to do my own radio thing…with Garrison.

But one day in October 2005 as Dan was reading the “Manna Book” (on the green and cream striped mattress-ticking chair) he looked up and said; “Debbie you should do something with this writing. This is good.” Hmmmmm, I’m thinking. Okay. I took the notebook, wrote exactly what was on the page and then a scenario popped into my head where God’s words had directly applied to a particular situation in my life and I typed away. I recorded my demo on the kitchen floor with an old cassette player from the 1980’s and dropped off my “demo” at the station, which I proudly say serves northern MN and NW Ontario right from the Icebox of the Nation!

The manager accepted the program and so I began writing and recording throughout the months of November and December, and, on January 2, 2006 Everyday Matters aired throughout the northland! I’m thrilled at all the station managers and program directors that have picked up the program and who’ve encouraged and coached me along the way.


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