This Week Matters

December 10 – 14, 2018

Dean: “Do you even go to church?”

Debbie: “Sure. Why would you think otherwise?”

Dean: “I don’t know. I guess it’s because you’re always talking about freedom and relationship and not about rules and religion. You just don’t seem like a church person.”

I’m an everyday girl who loves God and His Word. I am also a wife, mother, writer and a speaker who just wants to encourage others to see that LIVING and APPLYING God’s promises will change your life. But I know that before that idea made any sense to me, before I had the mindset that “I get to read the Bible” and not that “I have to” I needed to know Jesus in a relationship and not as a religion.

I needed to know He would never leave or let me down; through the pain of anxiety attacks, cancer reports and through the challenges of marriage and parenting and then when I needed His strength to forgive someone who’d really hurt me. So when God found and accepted me for who I am and not for where I should be, I accepted His love and our friendship began.

Who knew that God would give me an opportunity to share how I apply His Word in my daily life through a 60 second radio feature called “Everyday Matters”! God knew. He knows me. And He knows how much I LOVE ENCOURAGING others by sharing the pages of my journal…everyday!


Copyright 2018 Debbie Griffith